The Library Communications Framework (LCF) is a set of library interoperability standards which defines a framework for the communication of data between self-service and other library terminal applications to and from library management systems.

This LCF standard is recommended by BIC as the best way to implement communications between systems within a library, for example between a Library Management System (LMS/ILS) and an RFID Self-Service Solution.

The documentation for LCF can be found on the BIC web site.

This site provides a test implementation of the LCF protocol web services. LCF states that production services should use web services over HTTPS, however HTTP may be used for development and testing purposes. These test web services are available via both HTTPS and HTTP.

Switch to HTTPS version of the web-services.

Source code for this implementation can be found at https://github.com/ceridwen-com/lcfserver/


This web service tracks the currently released version.
This is currently running version: 0.7.

Base webservice endpoint: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/lcfserver/lcf/1.0/
Sample webservice: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/lcfserver/lcf/1.0/patrons/


This web service tracks the develop branch of the next version of the implementation. There is a roadmap of features under development.
The webservice is currently running snapshot version: 0.8-20161102.015416-5.

Base webservice endpoint: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/snapshot/lcf/1.0/
Sample webservice: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/snapshot/lcf/1.0/patrons/


The following webservices track features which are in active development for the next version of the implementation. These web services may not perform in a predictable manner and may be unstable.

Base webservice endpoint: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/servlet-reference-url-rewrite-bug/lcf/1.0/
Sample webservice: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/servlet-reference-url-rewrite-bug/lcf/1.0/patrons/
Base webservice endpoint: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/swagger/lcf/1.0/
Sample webservice: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/swagger/lcf/1.0/patrons/
Swagger definition (experimental): http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/swagger/api-docs/swagger.json
Swagger ui (experimental): http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/swagger/swagger/
Base webservice endpoint: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/patron-password-update/lcf/1.0/
Sample webservice: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/patron-password-update/lcf/1.0/patrons/
Base webservice endpoint: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/full-referential-integrity/lcf/1.0/
Sample webservice: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/feature/full-referential-integrity/lcf/1.0/patrons/
Base webservice endpoint: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/maven-jsp-1.0-SNAPSHOT/lcf/1.0/
Sample webservice: http://lcf.ceridwen.com/maven-jsp-1.0-SNAPSHOT/lcf/1.0/patrons/